Sergeant in the Amberveil Armed Forces – 5th Division’s Administration Assault Carrier, the “Stalker”.


Military officer of the Amberveil Armed Forces


Empyrean Citadel of Amberveil

Amberveil Armed Forces

Amberveil Counter Intelligence Agency


Venera Urskith was born on Amberveil and raised in its homonymous capital. Both of her parents were of Accadian descent and their lineage can be traced inhabiting the trove for at least 800 years.

Early Life

From an early age Venera proved to be an above-average student with an inclination towards mathematics and physics.

Her fascination towards mantles and in particular to the “family cloak” was encouraged by her grandfather who was particularly fond of telling her oracular fables, in which he weaved the memorabilia he owned from a distant ancestor of the Urskith family, who had served as a Mantle for the Amberveil Empyrean Citadel some 300 years before Venera’s birth. He would often take her out to observe the Shards of the Empyrean Phalanx as they patrolled the Capital’s skies. He would often say that the mantle which her ancestor used was still out there, still serving. Still fighting the good fight.

As a teenager she battled with depression, furthered by her fixation towards oracles and Mantles, and the improbability of her becoming one, since she knew that becoming a Mantle was either a matter or exceptional heroism or of an extraordinary amount of money. A consultant proposed recreational airship flight lessons for the young teenager, as a means to at least indirectly experience what she had been fantasizing about since childhood. Her parents obliged and Venera quickly became a skilled uniblade pilot.

Encouraged by her sister, Venera visited a recruitment office and consulted with a sergeant who laid out for her a 10-year plan in which she would have to enter the Combat Arm of Amberveil’s Armed Forces and climb her way up through a meticulously organized list of military specialties and branches which would most likely result to her being admitted to the Empyrean Phalanx.

She accepted and as a gift, the elderly sergeant made sure that after completing her basic training, she would be assigned to the military branch which would presumably aid her quest for the mantle: The 5th Division, the Airborne Marine First Response Division.

Training and work

At age 18 Venera completed her basic combat training and was assigned to 5th Division, 14th Bridage, Battalion 82. Her organic post was onboard the Combat Longship TDS-245-5. There, she served as a riflewoman for over a year and saw action in a single S.o.F.I (Sphere of Frontier Interest) engagement as support personnel. She used her downtime between deployments to apply for and complete Heavy Weapons and later Reconnaissance training.

She then applied and was transferred to Combat Longship TDS-245-4 where she joined the APC squad. Venera had three combat engagements during that time, all part of the wider S.A.F.I. (Sphere of Alliance Frontier Interest) region. Again following the sergeant’s plan she continued using her downtime between deployments to finish Unit Leader training and Fehrtech Weapons training.

Again, Venera re-applied and was transferred to TDS-245-1 and to the IFV squad. Had a single S.o.F.I and a single S.A.F.I engagement and completed Advanced Survival and Combat Drop training.

It had already been four years before Venera requested to be transferred to the 79th Air Assault Battalion and joined the Air Assault squad of TDS-235-5. There, she had one S.o.F.I and three S.A.F.I engagements, completed Special Operations training and was admitted to the Aileron combat flight-suit training school on her second application.

At age 23 she was transferred, upon her request, to TDS-235-1 and to the Aileron squad. She had two S.o.F.I. and four S.A.F.I. engagements. She completed Fehrtech Operator and Tactical Analysis schools.

Her final transfer as part of the Marine Corps was to TDS-235-3 and to the fehrtech Aileron squad, where she had two S.o.F.I. and three S.A.F.I engagements. She completed Intelligence and Fehrtech Signals schools.

Finally, at age 26, Venera applied for and was admitted to the Empyrean Phalanx as a Shard Bearer (or Shard). She joined the 33rd Column of the Phalanx and continued to serve in the 5th Division as part of the 14th Brigade’s Ghost Operations squads, organically stationed onboard the Brigade’s Administrative Destroyer, the “Vertex”. From there she participated in one severe S.o.F.I. and two S.A.F.I engagements and completed Black Ops and Cryptology schools.

She was promoted to Triad where she had two S.o.F.I. and two S.A.F.I. engagements, all of which were of critical nature and drew the attention of Colonel Tame from the Counter Intelligence Agency. He made a proposition to Venera for a temporary detachment. Venera happily obliged, knowing the Counter Intelligence Agency had a separate –and readily available– reserve of Mantles than the rest of the Armed and Security Forces.

By the age of 28 Venera has joined the combat arm crews of 8 different Marine Corps Airships, been through 14 military specialty schools, had 28 combat engagements and 53 confirmed kills. Her organic station is the 5th Division’s Administration Assault Carrier, the “Stalker”.

Known works about Venera Urskith

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