Oracular Abilities

Oracular abilities are divided into 7 major categories called commands. Depending on their target they can manifest in either of two forms:

Primary or Endemic:The oracle, enhanced human or enhanced object bearing the ability, will be the only affected target. Primary command is always easier and less taxing than conduit command.

Conduit: The oracle, enhanced human or enhanced object will influence the world around them by changing the auric patterns of other objects or individuals.

Languor or Inertia command

The ability of an oracle to change the relative weight of themselves or an object by creating an anti-gravity bubble around them.

Primary/Conduit effect: The ability renders a portion or the total of the weight of the target inert, causing it to levitate or even fly.

Visual evidence: The anti-gravity bubble appears as a localized wind around the target, casting on it a diminutive light and augmenting its contrast of colors. Objects, clothes, eyes and skin tones will appear as if they are emitting indirect light.

In society: This is the ability that most commoners will perceive as supernatural strength. The oracle will appear to be lifting tons of weight, while in reality they are only experiencing a fraction of the weight, if at all.

Cognizant or Sensory command

The ability to extend one’s senses beyond their physical boundaries.

Primary effect: The oracle can stretch their senses to extraordinary levels but is still bound to the physical parameters of each sense. They can only see in a straight line and hear sound frequencies that would be audible to the human ear.

Oracles can see miles away, hear the heartbeat of a man across the room, using this ability. The slight change of pressure before the storm comes, and the warmth of a distant fire. Their voice can be heard clearly for miles.

Conduit effect: The oracle can bend their sight behind walls or manifest complete telepresence on a trove hundreds of leagues away.
Visual evidence: Has no visible evidence of its use.

In society: Although this is the ability that made oracles renowned during antiquity, it is also the reason why they were perceived to be madmen or demons.

Heads of State avoid issuing mantles or shards with this ability even to their most trusted agents, for fear they might learn their secrets. It is the second rarest ability to be found on enhanced objects.

Regeneration Command

The ability to provide an aetheric template based on which new tissues can grow.

Primary/Conduit effect: The oracle temporarily contracts the aetheric body into a denser form, which will energize the physical body and help it overcome wounds and ailments of varying degrees.

Even the simplest application is enough to stop all bleeding through a wound or the spread of even the most aggressive infection. Skilled oracles will even be able to enhance the natural healing abilities of a body, up to ten times, helping a broken bone mend in just a couple of days. Prolonged treatment can have miraculous effects, the regeneration of lost limbs, or the total renewal of ruined internal organs.

Visual evidence: when condensed, the aetheric body will appear as a glowing mist, perfectly replacing lost tissue, allowing blood to flow through ethereal veins.

In society: The most explored of all oracular abilities, regeneration was often the cause of veneration and worship in the ancient world.

Since the early antiquity master healers managed to create temporary aetheric constructs around wounds or inside ailing patients, to avoid the need to concentrate on one patient for the prolonged time it takes even for the simplest healing. These were later the basis for the first aetherically enhanced items, and later on, shards. The first enhanced items ever to be produced, were healing wisps.

Its conduit form is the most practiced and sought-after ability of oracles.

Resonance Command

A piece of paper can be made to be as hard as steel, while a rock might crumble in the Oracle’s hand. In effect, it is control over an object’s stiffness, cohesion and plasticity.

Everything in the Horizon has an internal frequency. The Voice of Creation echoes through all, from the largest Trove, to the smallest pebble. Oracles have the ability to perceive these frequencies and alter them, for better or for worse.

Primary effect: The oracle changes the hardness of their body, rendering it impervious to injury or soft enough to slither through a closed door.

Conduit effect: The oracle can make the stone walls of a city brittle and sensitive as glass, or a simple wooden door strong enough to withstand bombardment.

Visual evidence: The influenced object will appear to be casting a diminutive light and exhibit an augmented contrast of colors. Aetheric patterns may become visible in the form of a network of streams of light.

In society: Resonance has been used extensively in the battlefield as well as in oracular architectural engineering. Oracular swords are especially designed to retain and then discharge resonance disruption waves which will travel through an object’s aura and break it into pieces. Skilled oracles can guide the disruption waves through carefully timed and placed strikes to cut objects in half. Hilts will often have a conduit enhancement to help the oracle save strength in the battlefield.

Transmutation Command

Primary/Conduit effect: The ability to change a chemical compound into something else. For inorganic compounds, it is a lengthy process of progression through the periodic table of elements. For organic compounds, it is a progression of reactions stemming from the base compound.

An oracle can cure poisons or spike somebody’s wine. They can render toxins inactive and turn air into a nutrient for them to survive on.  A wooden sword can be turned into steel, etc.

Visual evidence: Depend on use.

In society: In its endemic form, oracles or otherwise enhanced humans have used this command extensively, to keep their bodies clean and well nurtured.

The conduit form, due to its time-consuming nature, only found real use after the industrial revolution of the 2nd Century H.S. where oracles were called upon to help in the research and creation of compound chemicals and polymers.

Alteration Command

Oracles can change the parameters of the molecule’s existence, much like they can change the physical (resonance command) or chemical (transmutation command) attributes of everything they touch.

Primary/Conduit effect: The oracle speeds up or slows down molecules in his body or around him, creating heat or cold, air pressure bubbles or even changing the weather. They can cause a steel door to melt by touching it or walk through a blazing inferno unharmed. He can change the pressure or raise the static field of the air around him, creating, or avoiding, a storm.

Visual evidence: Has no visible evidence of its use.

In society: In its endemic form, it is considered to be the most intuitive of commands. Oracular children will spontaneously use it from an early age to make themselves feel more comfortable in cold and humid environments.

In its conduit form, it has often been used to inspire awe and to create more favorable conditions in agricultural areas.

Fulcrum or Extrasensory Command

The array of aetheric organs which allow the oracle to interact with the unseen aetheric world that surrounds the physical realm.

Primary effect: To see the unseen auras around somebody’s body. To interact with the spirits of the dead. To feel other people’s emotions.

Conduit effect: The oracle interacts and manipulates the aetheric field of objects to enhance them. This command is the basis of the science of Oracular Technomancy.

Also, allocating extrasensory mechanisms to enhanced items creates primal Artificial Intelligence. Most nursing wisps and non-tethered mantles have purposefully structured rudimentary A.I.

In society: Due to its wide application in modern Oracular Technomancy, this is one of the most sought-after and researched oracular abilities. The practical knowledge surrounding the informational architecture of enhanced items was the basis for modern computer program architecture.