seer, overseer, soothsayer, diviner, augur, herald, clairvoyant, sibyl, haruspex, siren, shaman, sorcerer, warlock, witch, wizard, sage, druid, empyrean bairn (celestial child)

Oracles are individuals born with the natural ability to perceive and directly influence the aetheric fluctuations around them and to control their own aetheric fields.

Oracular abilities

Oracular abilities are not genetic, although they are active from the moment of birth. They stem from a layer of aetheric nervous tissue which enables oracles to be conscious of and control the aetheric portion of their bodies and of the bodies of other people and objects.

Not all oracles have affinity for all known oracular abilities. To some extent, however, all oracles can:

To an oracle, the use of their aetheric body is no different than the use of their physical one. They will experience fatigue, increased heart rate and blood pressure, perspiration, aetherically induced cramps and soreness while using their abilities. 

Breathing techniques, as well as a balanced physical and mental health, are the means to extend the time for which oracles can use their abilities without hurting themselves.

Oracular training

Oracular children stand out from infancy. Although use of their powers are inherent to them, understanding and controlling them is a matter of learning and practice. Movement of the aetheric body can have detrimental effects on an oracle if not done properly, in the same manner that an ordinary human would hurt their back when trying to mindlessly lift a heavy object.

Early oracles were left to figure out the use of their aetheric body on their own, mostly due to the rarity of oracular births. In recent history the oracular population has grown adequately for the oracles to possess a continuous line of knowledge and tutelage. As a result, oracles to appear much more powerful than their early counterparts and have greatly advanced in the art of oracular technomancy.

Different troves follow different systems of tutelage. Some adhere to a master-apprentice system, others have classes of like-aged students or similarly skilled students. A mix of methods is the most common: young children are admitted to generic oracular classes first, then follow a specific tutor after exhibiting particular interest or affinity in a specific ability.

Oracles in society

Due to the low probability of births of people with oracular abilities (average 1 per quarter million births), for much of the Horizon’s pre-history and early history, they were either worshiped as divine or abandoned or killed as demonic.

As human settlements grew in size and oracles begun to appear more often, many cultures in the Horizon tried to use people with oracular abilities in their favor. Oracles had the power to erect great monuments at lightning speed, see the movements of enemies, perceive and change the weather patterns to the benefit of their compatriots.

For the larger part of the Horizon’s antiquity, oracles were the epicenters of any given civilization’s existence and progression. They were champions and tyrants, leaders and servants.

In the modern age, the technological advancements brought about by the advent of echomagnetic machinery have given ordinary humans the tools to match in effect or to sometimes surpass most of oracular abilities and technomagical constructs. This has greatly reduced the importance of oracles in society.

Despite this, oracles are stilled regarded as valuable assets, both in the military and in the private sector, as soldiers and spies, doctors and healers, technicians, intermediaries in communication with the deceased etc.

Oracular technomancy

The craft of enhancing, altering and re-configuring the aetheric segment of mundane items so as to bestow upon them characteristics and/or functions not normally intrinsic to them.

Object performance enhancement

This type of oracular technomancy focuses on imbuing objects with specific abilities.

Technomagical constructs of this type are usually called wisps. These items are most commonly made out of composite crystals or pure metals, in which case they can look like mundane objects or pieces of jewelry.

Tracer wisps, line wisps and healing wisps are but a few examples of such constructs.

Human performance enhancement

Once the oracular aetheric nervous system was understood, it became possible for technomagical objects to be created that could act as temporary aetheric nervous systems. These reconnect ordinary humans with their aetheric bodies and bestow upon them oracular abilities.

The shards of the Seven Commands are the pinnacle of oracular technomancy. These aetheric crystals artificially endow people with particular segments or the complete array of oracular abilities. Depending on the number of shards combined to create them, these constructs are called shards or mantles.