Flying carnivorous quadrupedal reptiles with an elongated narrow head.

While inside the gravity field of a trove it will fly via a skin and muscle membrane which stretches out from the elongated third finger of its fore legs to its hind limps. While in the absence of gravity of the Deep Horizon, it will use a single biomagnetic propulsion gland which is situated in a hollow crest of the Wyvern’s skull just above the eyes.

Wyverns form a wide category which includes several sub-species who vary in size, with relative wingspans ranging from a single cane to over 63 canes in width.

They are fully adapted in living both on troves and airborne in the Deep Horizon, making them a universal apex predator. They exhibit great dexterity in using their fore leg digits while not in flight and have been observed to show advanced cognitive behaviors.

Although they are extremely aggressive, the smaller species can be somewhat domesticated, creating a trend for hazardous pets in certain cycles.