Echomagnetism is a set of physical phenomena.

In a macroscopic scale, it is associated with the presence and motion of matter that has a property of echomagnetic charge.

In a microscopic scale, it is associated with the wave oscillation of the echomagnetic fields.

Echomagnetism and Fehr

Echomagnetism has been observed and identified in Horizon since humanity’s early antiquity, in the form of natural phenomena, like static echomagnetism in thunders. The theory behind it, however, was not fully understood until the first century of Oracular Communion, when the intense echomagnetic nature of the permanent Storm Fehr was studied extensively.

Echomagnetism was initially understood as a single unified quantity and, as such, yielded unrefined but important technological advancements in the form of, what would later be called, fehrtech engineering. At the time it was believed that all echomagnetic phenomena resulted from a single echomagnetic field which had different levels of refinement and viscosity through space.

Equation of Echomagnetic Fractions

Centuries after the early theoretical and technological breakthroughs of the initial fehr-inspired echomagnetic knowledge, the Accadian professor of physics and mathematics, Dr. Incabad Reyl theorized and managed to identify the twelve distinct echomagnetic fields which comprise and are responsible for different characteristics of the echomagnetic spectrum. Through his Equation of Echomagnetic Fractions and the identification of the twelve fields and accompanying electrons, humanity saw great technological progress through fractal echomagnetic engineering.

“We were raised to believe that Horizon floats inside a vast and endless river of echomagnetic energy. Echoing through the Great Storms. Empowering the very Aurora above our heads. And yet we find ourselves in front of a much more exciting truth. Not just one river. But twelve. Almost indistinguishable. Intertwined. Competing and completing each other. It is a beautiful thing to realize that the world still holds mysteries for us to solve.”

Incabad Reyl
Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Philosophical Academy of Atrytone
7th Day of the Veil Ascending, year 73 H.S.