The 12 permanent Storms

There are 12 distinct permanent Storms in the world of Horizon, each existing in a permanent location. Most of the Storms extends through entire sectors, with the larger Storms spanning over two sectors each an the Horn fully occupying three sectors.

Periodic and consecutive

The Storms are linked via a complicated echomagnetic grid and appear to undergo steady waxing and waning periods in a linear fashion, i.e. the Horn will enter its waxing period followed by a peak of intencity, before it wanes and gives its place to the Siren and so forth.

This cycle is used by humans to count their monthly seasons, and a full cycle, which lasts 365 days, counts as an astronomical year. The Gridiron Calendar is based on the seasons and the epochs of the permanent Storms.


Affected Empires: Accadia, Bao, Bharat, Hebbet, Mengzi, Longrill, Medukara

The Horn is the largest of all the permanent Storms, fully engulfing sectors E-1, E-2 and E-7.

The Horn is characterized by extreme winds and super-thunders which can have an average length of 10,000 leagues.


Affected Empires: Amaranth, Bao, Hebbet, Ocheron, Tangen, Azuria, Festoon, Vastcorm

The Siren fully engulfs sectors C-7 and D-20.

It is characterized by echomagnetic phenomena that influence the human hypothalamus, creating hallucinogenic experiences.


Affected Empires: Bharat, Medukara

The Medusa fully engulfs sector D-1.

It is characterized by large cyclonic clouds and powerful thunderstorms.


Affected Empires: Mengzi, Aurelia, Emberfire, Grizzlerite, Harmony, Medukara

The Pillar fully fully engulfs sectors B-3 and C-3.


Affected Empires: Accadia, Beryl, Hebbet, Grizzlerite, Longrill, Tarn

The Fehr fully engulfs sectors A-9 and A-23.

The Fehr is characterized by charged particle clouds and extreme echomagnetic phenomena. It has been extensively researched due to is natural plasma formations and is held responsible for the advent of echomagnetic technology, which is traditionally named Fehrtech in its honor.


Affected Empires: Anzick, Bharat, Beryl, Tarn

The Boar fully engulfs sector A-22.


Affected Empires: Emberfire, Taim, Tarn

The Howl is characterized by stable echomagnetic phenomena of low magnitude, which are considered to be responsible for the creation of several dangerous gaseous molecules. These gaseous molecules can be found in great concentration in the mist seas of the nearby cradle trove Ocheron.


Affected Empires: Amaranth, Bharat, Aurelia, Azuria, Longrill

The Maze fully engulfs sector D-14.

It is characterized by strictly defined areas of severe weather phenomena, overlapping narrow areas of complete and continuous apnea. Some meteorolosts argue that the Maze is in fact a stable cluster of minor Storms.


Affected Empires: Anzick, Bao, Azuria, Emberfire, Festoon, Grizzlerite

The Hollow fully engulfs sector C-17.

It is unique in the fact that it is a sector-wide permanent cyclonic storm. The low pressure center of the Hollow appears to have a permanent orientation between sectors D18 and B16, meaning the Bao and the Anzick Cradle sectors. A fact which,, coupled with the strong permanent winds inside the Hollow, have lead to the establishment of trade routes between the two cradles as early as the first decade H.S.


Affected Empires: Accadia, Amaranth, Beryl, Azuria, Taim

The Lament fully engulfs sector B-22.

It is characterized by magnetic fields which resonate on metallic surfaces, often producing wailing sounds.


Affected Empires: Anzick, Mengzi, Festoon, Harmony, Taim

It engulfs sector A-5.


Affected Empires: Accadia, Beryl, Tangen, Vastcorm

Engulfs sector B-24.

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