The Aurora

The Veil, Phasma, Bright Mist, Skyfire, Breath, Aether, wreath, crown

Everything in the Horizon universe has been pulled into existence by the omnipotent fields of the Aurora, an echomagnetic phenomenon, mostly observed enveloping troves. It is the quantum field of aetheric energy, potent enough to draw and create particles out of the other quantum fields.

A source of light

The Aurora is the source of light, energy and chemical elements of the Horizon. It has a multitude of aetheric waves traveling through it at any time. The super positional peaks of multiple waves are the places where the Aurora becomes dense enough to create luminescence and echomagnetic gravity pockets.  

A Creator of matter

The existence of physical matter in the Horizon started with subatomic particles being drawn into existence by the peaks of the waves within the Auric field, leading to the creation of ever more complicated composite particles, starting with the Hydrogen atom, and moving up the periodic table of elements.

These are the places where the heavier atomic particles concentrated to create the inhabitable land masses we call troves. Trove auroras are permanent with fluctuating luminosity. The entirety of the Horizon is breathable, so panspermia applies from island to island. 

Crown Aurora

The portion of the Aurora observed overhead the inhabitable surface of a trove. It is usually situated roughly ten plethrons (kilometers) above the surface and provides heat and luminosity underneath. Coupled with a Pedestal Aurora, it also provides the effect of gravity on troves.

Pedestal Aurora

The portion of the Aurora observed under troves. It is usually situated only a few meters under a trove’s lower edge, rendering the lower plane of the trove completely uninhabitable. Coupled with a Crown Aurora, it provides the effect of gravity on troves. The Pedestal Aurora is generally several orders of magnitude brighter than the Crown Aurora and is the main phenomenon used for astronomical observations and charting.

Netherworld and the Voice of Creation

In spiritual circles, the Veil is considered the physical manifestastion of the Voice of Creation. The world and its inhabitants are the distorted or “incomplete” echoes. It is also the resting place of the dead, often described as a place of infinite beauty. The world of the dead is called netherworld.

The Aurora represents and manifests all that which is good. This is the reason why the deceased who had profoundly evil tendencies cannot enter the afterlife, since their frequencies are the polar opposites of the aurora. Those are very rare cases, less than one per million deaths.

Oracles can use their extrasensory abilities to communicate with the dead with relative ease.