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Welcome to the Accadian Records

Dear visitor,

Here you will find comprehensive information about the Horizon’s scientific and spiritual philosophies, as well as detailed accounts of the history and pre-history of the world. We strive to collect and store any and all knowledge with impartiality in mind. Every last item in our archives has been cross-referenced extensively to third party accounts by our intrepid agents.

Please keep in mind that the digitization of the Accadian Records is currently in progress. If you don’t find what you are looking for, chances are it will be uploaded some time in the future.

Veracio Crane, High Exemplar and Head Archivist of the Accadian Records

3rd day of the Wyvern Ascending, year 1543 H.S.

Philosophies of study

We have divided all the information we have gathered through the years by Philosophy, as we call the various fields of study.

Major Empires

There are 20 Empires in the Horizon, of which 10 are cradle troves, motherlands of the 10 different human breeds.

Prominent figures

Find information on important contemporary and historical figures of the Horizon.

Scry the Accadian Records

Find all the entries we have online on a specific subject.