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A welcome note by the creator and lead writer of the Horizon, Gregory Tasoulas.

Welcome note from our writer

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Dear readers,

Welcome to the Horizon! A world developed out of my fascination with adventure, fiction, mystery and logical explanations. It has been swirling in my mind for years, nurtured into fruition by all the questions and probable answers about the wonderful possibilities of life beyond the strict boundaries of our everyday reality, which stemmed from the dozens of favorite books, films and TV series I have stumbled upon through the years.

It has been a long ride, with the Horizon slowly developing from a simplistic pen and paper RPG template during my late teen years, into a fully-fledged world. A world that remained a silent getaway for my imagination for years, before I ever gathered the courage to write a single word about it, admittedly coaxed into the deed, by my good friend Eleana.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my big-small universe, and find reason to inhabit it with your minds–maybe even love it–as I share with you the adventures that lay within it.

Yours truly,

Gregory Tasoulas

P.S.1. The Horizon is the manifestation of my inner child who, armed with the myriad of beautiful fantasy influences our world has to offer, is trying to play with all of its toys at the same time while I pretend to be a serious adult.

P.S.2. Yes, you can mount a laser on a dinosaur, as long as your argument is convincing.