Tales of Horizon

The journals of Incabad Reyl

Contains: Elmwean's Lodge and Return to Elmwean's Lodge

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Wildwood Wildcards

It’s the year 1535 H.S.

When the search and rescue ship Gambit receives a distress signal from within the unforgiving Deep Horizon, the crew prepare for another standard rescue mission. But, when they reach the ship in distress, they realize they will have to improvise.

Join Bolt Grimalkin in his first adventure as a volunteer rescuer.

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Proving Grounds

It’s the year 1535 H.S.

Sergeant Venera Urskith is assigned on a reconnaissance mission: Assess the affiliation and possible threat levels of a particular gathering of not-so-lawful individuals.

Straightforward, relatively safe, and, hopefully, a step closer to that sweet mantle she’s been pining over.

But what was supposed to be a casual stretching out of her oracular abilities, puts them to a serious test, when things don’t go as planned.

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Elmwean's Lodge

Professor Incabad Reyl is the greatest scientist of his time. In 104 H.S., 30 years after his groundbreaking discovery on echomagnetic fractions, he sets off on an adventurous search, in order to uncover the laws that govern the dynamics between the twelve electrons of his fractional echomagnetic dynamics theory.

With a few white lies about the details of his expedition, he gains funding from the Academy and the blessings of Accadia’s Empyrian Citadel, along with an airship and a companion, the oracle Lieutenant Auburn Thorn.

Together, Reyl and Thorn embark on a journey through the Horizon, to the distant trove Tarn, where deep in the unexplored jungle Reyl hopes to uncover the mysteries of Horizon’s past. On the way to find what he calls the Master Equation, Professor Reyl will stumble upon hidden truths that will change the way humanity perceives existence.

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Currently on Kobo, Nook, iBooks and Playster.