About Tales of Horizon

Horizon is a storytelling universe and an aspiring gaming world that blends various sci-fi and fantasy genres:

A bit of Teslapunk Echomagnetic Technology, a few sleek retro Sci-Fi airships and weapons and some Oracle magic. Topped with various cultures, each with different influences, like the Gothic Ocheron, the Modern Cyberpunk Tangee and the Provincial Grizzlerite.

What we do

Currently we are:

All the content on our website is and will remain free for everyone to enjoy.

What we can do with your support

We love Horizon, but it’s a lot of work and there’s only two of us:

  • Gregory is the creator of the world and the writer of our stories.
  • Eleana manages the website, social media, communication and whatever else might come up, like, say, writing this text.

We have lot’s of plans to create comic books, board games, RPG supplements and more goodies. But we need your support to make these happen.

Visit our community on Patreon to learn more about our future plans.